Sunday, October 5, 2008

Full Throttle

I have been going full throttle with activities almost every night for the last few weeks. Granted it was not all work. School activities were mixed with some fun things, and even new ministry opportunities. They have been good weeks. Yet, I could feel my gears grinding from overdrive down to first. I was beginning to feel like I might be destined for the crash wall around turn three.

Then came Sunday. Pull it into the pit for an engine check, tire change and refueling.

Worship with my family of believers today was, well, heavenly. Some Sundays are just more than others. I will take responsibility for the others not being up to par. I’m sure God never slacks off. But today, there seemed to be more of God, more of His Holy Spirit, more of our hearts humble and expectant before Him. More communion. Just as the winds blew change outside, the Spirit moved change within. Hundreds were there, but I felt one-on-one with God.

Ahhh, neutral. I’ll put it park and recharge the battery.

What made the difference between today and the times I may not feel so up close and personal with God? I wish it was because I was so in tune with Jesus and so obedient to God that I was rewarded with a heavy duty dose of His Spirit. But, I can’t take any of the credit. The only thing I had to offer was a heart humbled and open. God is God and He was God in a BIG way today.

Thank you Lord. You are the master mechanic. I’m tuned up and ready to hit the track again.


Sheryl said...


Thank you so much for your words of encouragment. I have let my kids decide if/when they will have contact with their dad. There are many who question that choice but I feel it is right for our situation.

Love this analogy of getting refueled. Boy, do we need it sometimes. God never moves away from us, it's us moving from Him. So great when we have those times of feeling that closeness.


Brenda said...

I seem to be going through a lot of gas these days.

Lelia Chealey said...

I really loved this post.