Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quick Takes - Take 7

1. Occasionally I hope and wish and actually dare to believe a really cool is blessing is just around the corner. Like when I was one of the final callers to win a cruise. But didn't. Like when I'm hoping God will help me find and get a new car. So far, nada. Like when an insurance claim may, just may pay for much needed siding for my house. Should I get my hopes up? Even without the free cruise, even if I keep my clunker, whether I get the siding or not, I'm still blessed.

2. I had a first this week and it wasn't a good one. I was paying for wedding shower supplies at an innocent enough looking store and the clerk timidly asked if I had the 55 senior discount. WHAT!?! This place is a wolf in sheep's clothing. How bad do I look today? Where's my wrinkle cream? Are the bags under my eyes the size of freight containers? How utterly deflating. Maybe that is my problem. I'm deflated. . .
3. A picture is worth a thousand words and a friend's simple gesture is priceless.

Thanks friend!

4. My mom went in for a routine stint replacement. Unfortunately nothing is ever routine for mom. I feel so bad for her. A procedure some get on out-patient basis is stretching into the following week. First she had to go early for extra treatment to prepare for surgery. Then although the stint went fine, the artery they used in her arm would not clot and close. She spent a very painful night then was blessed with another surgery to stitch the artery the next day. Now five days later, her arm is still so sore from the bleeding and bruising, everyday tasks are next to impossible. She's a trooper though. Were are treating her to a movie night tonight.
5. Speaking of a wolf in sheep's clothing. I spent a lot of time last week car shopping. Wow is that stressful! Decisions are sometimes agony, sometimes easy. With me money decisions and big ones to boot are always agony. I've been getting some great advice and slowed down, way down. When my newest car is 13 years old, I have to admit, I really would like a new one. Check back soon to see me decision escapades and if I'm totally nuts. I almost declared myself so.

6. I keep catching my daughter in the act. I've been able to do it plenty lately and every time I have to smile. More and more frequently, I find her in her room studying her bible. AAhhhh! There is a growing number of sticky notes above her bed of bible verses she wants to remember and there are two on our computer monitor. I love it!
7. School has already started in our house. Volleyball conditioning at 6:30 a.m. is a tough adjustment. What a rude awakening! That switched to afternoons next week, but play practice takes over three mornings, at 6:30. Yowsers. I hope we get to bed better than we did last night.
Read more snippets of life in action at Conversation Diary. Have a great weekend! Do something wonderful for a friend.


Tami Boesiger said...

Okay, how old was this goofy clerk--12? NO WAY you look 55! Don't take it too seriously.

If you figure out the hoping for big things, let me know. I struggle with that one too.

Brenda said...

When people first started asking me the dreaded senior discount question I was horrified. As I veer closer to the official "senior" number I think "Oh well. I might as well get a discount out of the deal". A couple of more years.

Great to hear that about your daughter. That must really bring a smile.!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

It's marvelous that you are catching your daughter reading her Bible. That is so rare these days. There is a family -- father, mother, two teenage daughters -- that attends our weekly Bible Study class. The two girls are a great addition, and they ask the most wonderful and pertinent questions.

Jaime Kubik said...

How wonderful to see your child reading the Bible without a prompting from you! This is what I pray for with my children!