Thursday, August 20, 2009

Operation Buy Wheels-The Plot Thickens

AAAAKKK! Someone pulled the grenade pin and lobbed it! I'm doing this car buying thing slowly and methodically, dare I say wisely, and they have the audacity to announce the deadline is only FOUR days away. Kaboom. No more $4,500 dollar scrap metal.

I can't even put Step 5 into action by Monday. Wait you say, I'm counting and what happened to Step 4? Ok for the few of you who read my last post on car buying and noticed, THANK YOU. I'd send you a free book but I'm not currently in with any publishers. I do have a delectable can of black beans in the cupboard. Interested?

Ok fine.

Step 4 isn't that much fun anyway. After test drive Saturday, Sunday came-church. Well, church was totally fun, but I mistakenly mentioned my escapades to a Pastor's wife. The Pastor's wife who I sat by during Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsay. Yes, her husband led the class. Oh the things that pass my lips. With both index fingers pointing and thumbs cocked like handguns, she jumped into protect your sister from a HUGE mistake mode. (She is as sweet as can be and I love her, but. . . I want a car). It gets worse.

Pastor was teaching on 1 Chorinthians and smack in the middle of his sermon he launches this rocket. "A lot of people are excited about buying a new car in the government program. I don't care if you're getting $4,500. If you can't afford the payments, don't do it. I didn't say that in first service, there must be someone here who needs to hear that." UGH! Service ended and I tried to make my tactical retreat when I was intercepted by the aforementioned Pastor of Finance. (I just gave him a new title) "I hear you need to listen to a lesson from FPU again. I'll get you the DVD's."

Throw up the white flag. I gave up and meekly followed to the office for the dreaded DVD's of reason. You'd be proud of me I listened-twice and an extra lesson to boot. I even pulled out the car cd's and listened to the savings lesson. It's coming back to me now.

The economy.
The budget.
The need.
The desire.
Strike the desire.
I decided to take a break and pray more, listen harder. My verse this month has been Prov 1:33
He who listens to me shall dwell securely.
He shall live at ease from the dread of evil.
I guess Step 5 will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm hyperventilating tonight.


Tami Boesiger said...

It is my personal philosophy never to make a decision that is rushed. In my experience, they always turn out badly. Case in point, a lovely van we needed that was a humungous headache and sat in our driveway for months while we waited to resolve the legal issues. Now if I'm being rushed, I don't do it. If a salesman wants to shoot himself in the foot with me, all he has to do is rush me. I figure if I'm supposed to have it, it will still be available a week from now.

Take it for whatever it's worth.

kpjara said...'s sort of like weight loss, the payoff comes AFTER the sacrifice and it take's awhile to feel it.

Loved the posts and can totally relate about the lure of the new car.