Sunday, February 2, 2014

Can we hear God?

I recently got a puppy so I'm outside. A lot. And it's winter.

We began our house training in the 50+ mile per hour winds and snow. Yeah, it was fun having the storm winds rage against freezing ears and hands. All I wanted to do was head for safety and comfort.

Last night though, the world was still. Snow floated like a sleepy child meanders making me wonder if it would even reach the ground. Stillness became a blanket. I could hear the drone of the fertilizer plant six miles southeast. My puppy listened to the bark of a dog from town two miles to the north. The six o'clock fire whistle came from a town eight miles southwest. I could hear so much more in the surreal quietness.

It made me think about the howling horrible nights. On those stormy nights, did the plant stop producing fertilizer for crops? Did the whistle fail to sound evening time? Did the dogs quit barking their joy of living?


I couldn't hear any of those life sounds. Regardless of the storm the sound of life still occurred.  

Two snows came in very different fashion. God is quieter than the still snow. He is more fierce than the howling storm. He is producing growth with predictable timing and joyful living.

He wants us to hear as confidently in storms as we hear in stillness.

Listen. He is speaking in it all.

Where have you heard God speak?

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