Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Five Things you Never Wanted to Know

Sometimes friends are a warm blanket on a cold day. Other times they are the burr under my saddle. Love you Tam! I do spend way too much time thinking about what to post instead of just posting. Waiting for the profound thought, you know. You can see how often that happens. NEVER. Even now I have been pondering addiction? Is that can't live without, love love love it, or things I crave? This will have to be a mix because at this moment I can't even think of five. Oh be quiet.

  1. Exercise. Big surprise to those who know me. I have done very little in the last month and quite frankly. I miss it. It is amazing how fast progress can be lost. (Hmm, spiritual truths apply. Keep on guard, don't grow weary.) I love a good workout. If I sweat to the ends of my hair, I've done my job. I feel better, I sleep better and I hope I stay healthy longer. For you who just groaned, "Oh whatever", I'm vain. I also like to look better. I have a ways to go.

  2. Sweets. I have to have something sweet everyday. Now you see why #1 is a must? Caramel and chocolate are my favs, but I have been nibbling, well, gleefully consuming the extra cream cheese frosting from the carrot cake. Yumm, a little Christmas guilt. I also am getting more addicted to coffee. My typing companion is flavored with 1 splenda, 1 spoonful brown sugar and Italian Sweet Cream flavoring, it's oh so good. Culver's Turtle Sundaes are the ultimate treat! I get the junior.

  3. Making God more of my everyday. I have to start my day with my favorite chair, my bible, my coffee companion and soak in God. I want Him to ooze into my little things so He can shine in my big things. No one will listen to what I have to say about Him if they don't see Him when I am silent. Again, lots of progress in my life, but I have a ways to go.

  4. I just asked my daughter what I am addicted to and with an impish grin she said "Me". Ok, that's true. I'm a single mom, she's an only child. As much as she might complain that I'm too tough, never satisfied and never let down, I think she knows I love her with everything I have and am soooo proud of the young woman she is becoming. In these last few years of school, I'm working hard to transition to a healthy coexistence and independence that also strengthens our bond. Now that's a challenge. Did I mention I have a ways to go?

  5. Time. Which I'm out of right now. This addiction is better described as a craving and can go so many directions. I want it to slow down. I want more of it. I want to exchange time spent on things that drain for time spent on things that keep my heart bubbling. Time for others and time with others. Stimulating conversation, challenging encouragment, let your hair down laughs, making their day better, exploring new places (even when they are right inside us). It's precious and fleeting. I crave it.

Thanks for the blog award AND the burr under my saddle.


Tami Boesiger said...

There. You did it. Not too painful, was it? And I disagree about your title--I DID want to know!

Thanks for this peek into you. Personally, I loved it.

Keep on this writing thing, friend. You are "one voice" I like to hear.

Brenda said...

Sweets and exercise. I hear ya. Maybe I need to do like the cartoons and hang a chocolate on the end of a stick so I'll run after it.