Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quick Takes - Take 3

1. My bible study ladies gave me the most fantastic surprise. I thought I was meeting a friend for dinner and when I walked into the restaurant there were about 15 smiling faces sitting there singing happy birthday. It was such a fun and wonderful time. We shared laughs and stories and connected. It was just what we all needed and they made me feel very special. Thank you again.

2. Well, I didn't win the KLOVE cruise. Bummer. I hope to take the cruise someday, but I guess I'll have to do it the old fashioned way and save the money. God is still awesome.

3. Does anyone want to adopt a cat? I feel really guilty, well, not. She has started misbehaving. ie. she sometimes thinks the living room is a litter box. I put some mousetraps down in the spot, but I'm afraid she will just pick another place. Does anyone have suggestions to correct the problem? My daughter would love you for the help. Even as I'm typing this, Calie is asleep in her favorite basket blistfully snoring. How funny. She has no idea of my devious plans.

4. Ok. I lied on my drivers test about my weight. I'm sorry. I did weigh that recently, just not now. Hopefully I will get there again soon.

5. I began my day by listing to people call in to my favorite radio station and talk about the latest flu outbreak. It is very discouraging. Can I give you some information from the other side of the issue. First, I do NOT want to make light of the people who have lost their life, that is a tragedy.
  • We are pig farmers. My family has been raising pigs since 1895. Our business is built on hard work, honesty and persistence.
  • The flu outbreak is being called swine flu, but no hogs anywhere in the world, including Mexico have been found with H1N1 in relation to the infection of people. It simply is not happening from pigs. It is a people-to-people problem.
  • This mutated virus is a combination of H1N1, Avian (bird) and human virus.
  • The agriculture industry, including crop and livestock farmers, has been reeling from economic blows for 18 months. First, there were exorbitant prices from the alternative fuel policy that were more than some farmers could stand. Second, the worldwide economic downturn forced even more out of business and many who survived are on fragile financial standing. Third, this mistaken name pinned on the flu outbreak has caused another economic devastation in our industry.
  • It may mean strike three for many more. Economists on reports today are estimating that possibly up to a third of pork producers will lose their economic fight.
  • I don't have crop reports, but I know their markets are down. To many, a market price may simply be a passing numer on a news cast, but to us it is our paycheck.

6. Farmers have not gotten into this position because of risky mortgages, fraud, speculation or greed. We have been trying to make an honest living. In Washington, it seems we are invisible and of no consequence. We feed the world. We feed you.

7. When you sit down to your meal tonight, will you please pray for all the people involved who brought you your food. We need your prayers.

I'll get off my soap box now. For lighter takes, visit Conversation Diary.


Tami Boesiger said...

The latest outbreak makes an already horrendous situation even worse for you. I'm so sorry.

On a lighter note, "LIAR, LIAR, pants on fire!" I'm SHOCKED! But I must admit one of the perks to not weighing myself regularly is that I don't know EXACTLY what I weigh for things like driver's licenses. Who knows how far off I've been? And I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have erred on the side of too high a number.

Rachelle said...

Happy Belated Birthday Linda!!! Hope you have a good weekend!

Brenda said...

Hasn't any one told you that the "weight" spot on your driver's license really means goal weight. There was just not room for the word "goal" on there. I'm so sorry this whole thing is blowing up on the farmers. It isn't right. The media is sure mellow dramatic. I think they have made our economy much worse too.

Shirley said...

Love your blog Linda! I'm a little late commenting on this one, but I had to tell you that I have the same cat problem as you do! I keep saying I'm going to get rid of him, which is met by Anna's loud protest! Truth is, I don't know if I could go through with it anyway since I do love the dumb cat!! (On the bright side, he hasn't had an "accident" in quite some time.)